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Red Seal Immigration specializes in temporary and permanent immigration applications related to work permits, labour market opinions, spousal or common-law sponsorships and provincial nominees.

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Our Services

  • Complete, start to finish services for permanent resident immigration applications. You have access to your immigration consultant throughout the whole application process.

  • Employer services that range from full monitoring and completion of all immigration related matters for your international staff, to individual Work Permits or Labour Market Opinions.

  • Review of temporary or permanent immigration applications including Federal Skilled Worker, Spousal Sponsorship, BC PNP, Temporary Work Permits and Visitor Visas.

  • In person or phone consultation with an immigration consultant to define the category of immigration you qualify for, the option best suited to your needs or an in-depth research and review of specific immigration concerns.

For information about our full service options or completing an immigration application through Red Seal Immigration, please complete an assessment form or contact us. For information on hourly services for an application review or consultation, please contact us by phone or email to arrange an appointment.

To help us understand your goals and opportunities for immigrating to Canada, please complete a Free Immigration Assessment!

What are the Advantages of Using an Immigration Consultant?

  1. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants respond to your specific needs to assist with your application so you know what to expect, and what is happening with your application.

    • Our consultants navigate the bureaucracy and provide you with the relevant information. Most immigration visa offices do not respond to personal phone inquiries and the government web site alone has over 20,000 pages of information. Finding reliable information can be frustrating without an immigration specialist.

    • As a client of Red Seal you have direct access to your Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant by phone, email, web conferencing, and online chat.

    • Our staff are passionate about immigration, understand the importance of family unification and we treat your application as if it was our own. We take the extra step to ensure that you receive helpful advice and applicable straight forward answers.

  2. Red Seal Immigration specializes in assisting Skilled Workers and their Families with relocation to Canada to ensure that you are prepared to work in your area of expertise, your children are prepared for school, and you have relevant information about your new community.

    • We have close connections to employers and business communities with over 20 years of experience working with employers and candidates.

    • We have experience helping new immigrants obtain Canadian certifications.

    • We have knowledge of Canadian education systems and how occupational regulating authorities operate in each province.

  3. Professional integrity is an integral component.

    • Red Seal Immigration is an established company that makes ethical decisions and operates lawfully within Canada's regulated immigration industry.

    • Our team of certified immigration professionals' work together to find the best solution to your situation.

    • Our consultants are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, only ICCRC members and immigration lawyers can act as authorized representatives.
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